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Privacy Policy

It is the part of registration process that may collect some personal information about its customers as name ,email address, mobile number and any contact detail, postal code and demographic will assure you for not sharing of your personal information. we value your privacy.

All shoppers have to register and login for placing orders on the site.


Customer can cancel the order within 1 Hour of booking without any payment or fine. but after that fine will be charge of rupees 20, which will be automatically added in your next order payment.


In case of return and refund we will not ask any question customer can return the product .

At the time of delivery only after checking the details of the product. In case of any mistake by you as wrong address, contact-no or name , if him delivery accuse.

Customer has to pay rupees 20 as an extra cost for redelivery.

Therefore, we request you to provided authentic information about you.

We reserve the right of any modification in terms and condition without prior notification. Please regularly review the terms and conditions